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My name is Giulia, I was born in Venice the 23rd of June 1981, from mom Marina and dad Maurizio.

Since the very beginning I was my sister Sara’s favourite game. Although she is 4 years older than me we have always been very close friends.

I have lived between the sea of Venice and the mountains of Cortina d’Ampezzo (in the Dolomites) since the first weeks of my life, and that’s why I start skiing very early and fell in love with all the aspects of the Mountains. The summer version, good for climbing and hiking and the winter one, where I could play with the snow, with or without skis on my feet.

School held me in Venice only until I was 13 years old, at that point I could decide to move to Cortina definitively and continue high school there.

At that time I started racing in all the alpine ski disciplines, in the regional and national circuit F.I.S.I., followed in the next 5 years by the international one, F.I.S. (Federation International Ski).

In 2001, I quit the circuit,  tired of so much competitive stress and closed that chapter of my life, that had kept me busy for most of the year, between competitions and trainings.  I was willing to change skiing views, so I started telemarking, a discipline that gave me a really good vibe since the beginning, when somebody told me “free the heel, free the mind”.

That was exactly what I needed, no more gates or slopes rules, but freeriding and off piste.

In the meantime I was studying Tourism at the university IULM in Milan, and becoming an Italian ski instructor.

In 2003 I decided to put to practice my instructor license in the Swiss resort of Verbier, I was following the advice of my friend John Falkiner, Australian ski legend that put his roots in the Val de Bagnes many years before me.

Verbier has been my home from 2003 to 2014 and the place that inspired and motivate me to become what I am now. Its freeride spirit, pulsing between the people, the places and the mountains, was what brought me to get closer to that fascinating world of freeriding that I’ve adapted to myself in the last few years. The biggest satisfaction came in the competition scene, winning the Verbier Xtreme comp, but it's especially out of the competitions that I had the best feelings and satisfactions. Freeskiing as a lifestyle is what suit my personality and is the way I better express myself on the snow.

My love for the mountains though me a lot and gave me the opportunity to live and experience the beauty and power of Mother Nature in every season using whichever tool. Climbing, mountaineering, paragliding and biking in the summer; axes, crampons and ski in the winter, in order to live the outdoor at its best.

The experience acquired in the years, help me everyday to push my limits further into new adventures, and to face new harder challenges.

One of the toughest challenges I've put myself into, was definitely the decision to become a mountain guide. I've done part of it, probably the hardest part and the road it's getting easier and smoother, but I'm not done yet.

Now I live in Chamonix, France where I could really put in practice all the guide teaching and learn from the environment everyday. I started guiding in the summer 2016 and I loved it. As a ski instructor and guide I set up a small company called Mountain Specialists where, together with a friend we provide guiding and teaching services in Chamonix in the winter as in the summer.




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