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Voilà my new website!
If you don't know me, let me introduce myself.
My name is Giulia Monego, I'm Italian and I am a professional skier. I'm an outdoor lover with endless enthusiasm to find new challenges to enjoy and prove myself; skiing or climbing, anything involving snow, rock and ice, are my favorites activities. This beautiful lifestyle became with years my job which I proudly consider the best job in the world!
Check out the blog to follow my adventures and read about Summits4kids, my proudest project of the last years.
With this website and few words I want to thank all the people that through sponsorship and support are helping me to live my dream.
A special thanks to The North Face, Kästle, SCARPA, Smith, Grivel and the latest addition Plum that believe in me!

Black Diamond


Black Diamond is an amazing company making incredible tools for people like me that love the mountain in any season and form.
I'm super happy and honored to become part of this team of people that are so inspiring and hardcore like the BD family! Many thanks to Markus for the faith and trust. I can't wait to tear down some ice with those ice tools and have fun and be safe with everything else! Check out the website to choose your favorite gear. BlackDiamond

Summer is gone...


With the first snow flakes on the ground i've got the inspiration to recap the summer passed and launch myself into the new coming winter!
Let me briefly tell u what happened in the last few months. From the spring on I had to switch my focus from snow to rock and get my climbing fitness in order to pass the climbing test to enter the guide course in Aosta Valley IT. Yes, u heard well..., I decided to get myself involved in a new adventure. I'm attending the formation to become UIAGM mountain guide, so i had to step up my level and technique in all the disciplines concerning that work. From rock climbing, to ski touring, to ice climbing, short roping etc...

Turns 'n Curves: Episode #2 La Grave

The second episode of Turns 'n Curves: In La grave is out!

INDIA Himachal Pradesh expedition


In the meanwhile, in the month of March i was in India where i was involved in a ski mountaineering The North Face expedition, in the Himachal Pradesh region.
The goal of this trip was to attempt a first ski descent of the White Sail (6451m), an insanely beautiful peak in the remote Himalayan range of the Parbati region, near the city of Manali. Here you can see the first blog about the trip wrote by the expedition leader Hilaree O'Neill. The other members of the trip were Jonny Collinson, Emilio Previtali and photographer Chris Figenshau. Plus we had 2 members of Sherpas Cinema with us shooting for Into the Mind ,the new 2 years project movie coming out in the fall 2013: Jay Trusler and Anjin Herndon.
Thank you all for a great adventure!

TheNorthFace Journal

Turns 'n Curves: episodes #1 Le Dolomiti

The first episode of Turns 'n curves is out on EpicTv. I hope u'll enjoy it.

Turns 'n Curves: video episodes 2013

One of the project for this season was filming with Bjarne Salen, for some web episodes coming out on EpicTv and on my sponsors pages.We named it Tuns 'n curves.




Summits4Kids is a non-profit association born from the will to make a little difference in the inequalities of today's world.

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